What guides us

Learn about the principles that drive our work and ensure that we can provide assistance to the people who need it most.

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We are independent, impartial, and neutral

Tinters for a Cause operates with impartiality and inclusivity at its heart, offering assistance to members of the window film industry regardless of their role, background, or affiliations. Our dedicated team, spanning from manufacturers to installers, provides aid in times of crisis or need, focusing solely on the well-being of industry members and their families. We prioritize reaching out to those in distress, ensuring that our support is accessible and unbiased, reflecting our commitment to the industry's diverse and vibrant community.

We are united by industry solidarity

Our core principle is solidarity within the window film industry. We dedicate ourselves to supporting industry members and their families during times of need, ensuring that aid is offered with respect and empathy. Our commitment is to uphold the dignity and well-being of our community, recognizing the unique challenges faced by small, independent businesses. Through our fundraising efforts and events, we aim to provide meaningful assistance while maintaining transparency and trust within our close-knit industry family.

We are transparent and accountable

Transparency and accountability are fundamental. We are devoted to being open about our activities and the utilization of funds. Constantly evaluating our impact, we focus on enhancing the support provided to the window film community. Driven by contributions from industry members and supporters, our funding reflects our independence, ensuring aid is directed solely towards helping those in the industry during challenging times.

We are strengthening our community

We believe in fostering a strong, interconnected community within the window film industry. Our foundation serves as a platform for collaboration, knowledge-sharing, and mutual support. By bringing together diverse industry players, we aim to not only provide financial aid in times of need but also to build a network of professionals who can rely on each other. This community-centric approach ensures that we are more than a charity; we are a family committed to uplifting each other and advancing our industry.

Tinters for a Cause (TFAC) relies on donations from industry members.
The following manufacturers, distributors, and third parties are official corporate sponsors of TFAC.